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Become a Licensed Practitioner, add this speciality to your practice

  • Enhance your practice utilizing these skills in other areas of your business
  • Become an expert and join a team of professionals advancing Hypnotherapy in the field of Eating Disorders
  • We have the tools and skills to really make a difference in this field
  • Developed over 15 years of successfully achieving recovery in bulimia

The difference that makes the difference: 

  • Using NLP & Hypnotherapy, clients can recover
  • Utilizing an “intensive breakthrough model” in which clients secure the changes
  • 99.9% leave the 3 days intensive “without” bulimia
  • Relapses happen: As with any addictive habit or pattern, we can change a huge amount of their deeper structure, and sometimes
    • another layer of the problem surfaces, that we can treat as well ie: Behaviours like lying or stealing
  • We can treat these secondary issues as well
  • The NLP Coaching extends assurances for results
  • There are millions of people with Bulimia – we can really affect changes in this field

Consider before the Fast Phobia Cure came on the scene, it was considered that all “one trial learning” was permanent – now today, we know it can change

 NLP or Hypnotherapy,  both have a very positive impact on making those necessary changes at a deep enough level so the client no longer needs the strategy to operate their life from. It’s time to bring this out into the public arena as a very affordable and useful intervention.

Treating the family:  The family has lived with this mindless assault on its essential core values through the whole process, and in a very conscious way. Even the thought of mentioning the family “anger” over the disruption due to an eating disorder has been regretful, discouraged in the past. “We don’t want to have the client feel any blame, shame or responsibility” for what has transpired here. So where does all the pain, fear, anger and family dysfunction go, when the bulimia leaves?

The family needs help, the mother needs help, the other members of the family that have given up ground to the voracious appetite of the disorder needs help.

Family Protocols: 

Many family members would rather NOT have to submit to any kind of therapy, after all, this is not their problem, it’s HERS or HIS… so it can take a little discussion, and I do this at the time, I’m interviewing the client. Where is mom & dads’ anger right now? Often it’s denied, “oh we just want our daughter to heal, we’re ok” however, that residual resentment is felt through the unaware emotional transference between the family and the client.

And then there is always Grandma, and she checks – loudly and won’t be discouraged from questioning all processes. Including, “isn’t she actually eating too much now? Do you still check when she goes to the bathroom? She looks a little too heavy for my liking”

Learn the strategies, how it works, why it works, and how people can truly heal from the patterns of bulimia and in fact, how many have done so without any third party interventions.

ZOOM Classroom, lets you attend from where you are, across all devices, these classes will give you all the material I’ve developed to date.

Call me today for registration and payment this course is 6 – 3-hour ZOOM sessions, total 18 hours + manuals, scripts, books


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