Transformational Coaching Programs






We begin here… with many options, concepts and strategies to help you achieve the outcomes you want

Transformational High-Performance Coaching Program:

Over three months – or six months one session a week 
Via ZOOM Virtual Calls + Email + 15-minute calls should the need arise

Developing Clarity with where you are right now:

Initial review and discussions reveal the Outcome and help us define the TimeLine to achieve it

  • Adjusting the inner programs
  • Defining the goal and timeline
  • Accessing it, journal & dream time
  • Healing the past 
  • Reprogramming yourself
  • Examining the inner programs residing below consciousness
  • Utilizing NLP Strategies and Advanced Meta Programs
  • Contemplations
  • Distance work

Utilizing ZOOM optimizes screen share,
Recorded Sessions,
Guided Visualizations created just for you.

Uniquely Created Single Session

Designed exclusively for you

Uniquely yours:  In this single session:

  • ZOOM Room 
  • Deep Trance Activation
  • Receiving healing and deep support
  • Recorded for your continued use

Contact me here 

Our first consultation provides you with an overview, insights, Q&A, price points and optional dates. 

Its the start of something big…it’s ok to feel a little excitement: 

The work now at hand is to arrive at that moment. The task before you is the assessment of your circumstances and the modifciation of any and all aspects of your mode of creative expression, so that it becomes a joyous reflection of the higher energy with which you are aligned.   “Oneness” 

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