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Kathy Welter Nichols is the Pioneer, and founder of the Bulimia Breakthrough Program® Bulimia Breakthrough Method® and Co-Creator of Mastery of Deep Trance States® Coaching Programs,


Struggling with an eating disorder can be a “one minute up, one minute down” experience. Having worked with hundreds of women, struggling just like you. we’ve seen it all and yes, you too can recover.

You may have tried many other programs, or like many, you may be self-managing and trying to keep the lid on things. Some of my clients have shared, after years of using bulimia almost daily, no one has ever found out!

Whatever your strategy has been, if you are ready, this can work for you.

I’ve created this program so it’s convenient, available, easy to do, and represents real success for others.

It can for you too.

The Complete 90 Day Coaching Support Program

Together you and I assess where you are at right now, what you want, then we plan this as we work our way through all aspects of this vital Mindset Program: Health & Relationships, Body Image, Self Acceptance, Forgiveness, & Living from Gratitude, Healing Relationships, all utilizing this high-performance coaching model that is 100% focused on helping you achieve your outcome!


1. What do you want? Let’s look deeper at those goals, is there an inner catch 22 that is holding you back? We’ll find it and overcome it
2. Build rock-solid self-confidence, utilizing perceptual positions
3. Changes to relationships will happen as a matter of course, when we shift the inner self, everything starts to move
4. Find better ways to secure your dreams and implement those changes now.

BEFORE YOU START – Here’s what is provided for you in the program: 

Working directly one on one, via ZOOM weekly. There are no group programs to attend; this is your private and personal work, and we’ll do that together.


• Mp3s and audio files that support your work, will be yours
• Unlimited Text and email correspondence with me
• Workbooks in Word.doc format suitable for Mac or PC – copies of my book and card set + menus and eating plans
• Weekly Skype Sessions, 90 minutes per month with Kathy, focused 100% on your personal mindset changes
• You can Work from home, when travelling, or even at night – we agree with our times and we work then.
• We use the computer, iPad, iPhone, and Skype systems to support this work
• This is a commitment to yourself, to working on you,
• Making a personal impact on your world, changing those old patterns for good
• Developing all the skills and tools you will develop here
• Alter the internal self-critic, reframe the negative, learn meditation & Mindful practices
• New awareness of your own deep inner mindset that filters these low-level comments and now you will have  the tools to reframe your thoughts instantly
• Shifting and changing with tools and guidance to help you
• The Monthly Modules are sent out at the start of every month, and we review the contents, structuring the program to fit your goals
• Three months, 90 days, is the commitment
• Daily the strategies we create will support the changes and will create the evidence you need to believe in yourself

Call Me today and secure your space, I know you may be thinking, “maybe later” however, if you are reading through this now, NOW is the best time to call me. 604-421-1722 I’m here. Kathy

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