One on One with Kathy

The Breakthrough Method


Personal Breakthrough Sessions for you, are private and focused 100% on your recovery

No two clients are the same, first, you and I will complete an in-depth interview. We then design a personalized intervention for you to release the Bulimia and guide you to healing and resolving remaining symptoms. Together, we discover and remove the hidden blocks to your success.

Breakthrough Coaching  

We can schedule these sessions over weekends, and even holidays to make it work for you, offering you continued support via SKYPE for three full months. Ask me how this works, results have been amazing for clients.


MP3’s to support you through recovery 

Uniquely created for you, by Kathy Welter Nichols

You are about to create a new way of life for yourself and discover a deeper level of personal commitment to your health and well being.  Weekly sessions,  via ZOOM.

How does this work? 

And if you call me right now, we might be able to get you started on  your recovery as soon as tomorrow:  +1-604-421-1722

  • Bulimia is an addiction. Addicted to the internal chemicals released during the binge and purge this feeling of high has been equalled to Cocaine high. Talk therapy talks about it, and generally, clients have patterns they use to distract, diffuse and confuse others away from the truth about bulimia.
  • Bulimia is an addiction and it’s an OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) related response to a mind that has been depleted of resources.

When you find yourself, recovery is possible

  • Recover yourself fully Honour your body your mind and your soul
    Reconnect to the part of you that is trying so hard to help you –
    Regain your self-esteem
    Regain your true self
    Look in the mirror again and smile,
    love yourself,
    and be gentle with you
  • As with any medical or therapeutic intervention, results vary per individual and therefore there is no guarantee stated or implied; however, those who adhere to the program and follow the instructions and suggestions stand the best chance of full and complete recovery.  It is always prudent to seek the advice of your doctor before proceeding with any program and I often consult with doctors, naturopaths, therapists and other professionals before and after we start the work.
Contact me today 
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The information given here is designed to help you make informed decisions about your body and health. The suggestions for specific foods, nutritional supplements, and exercise in the program are not intended to replace appropriate or necessary medical care. Before starting any new program always see your physician. If you have specific medical symptoms consult your physician immediately. If any recommendations given in this program contradict your physicians’ advice, be sure to consult him or her before proceeding.

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