Relaxation Response

At the start of any new path, we look for guidance, helpers, someone who has been there before us and can show us the way. Show us “their way” a way that made sense for them.

As we begin the path of self-discovery it will take some guidance yes, and also a very deep connection with yourself. That deep self is always there, always available and often giving you deep guidance and synchronistic connections…just at the right moment!

Ever sit down beside someone and meeting them for the first time, you know you have much to share, and they with you. There’s an eagerness and an excitement about what might come of this connection. Moment to moment the gifts reveal themselves, and if you are very fortunate you both leave with a warm feeling of deep connection.

When someone truly sees us and provides us with that vision of ourselves at new levels of possibility…it’s like a rainbow has settled somewhere in your heart.

Perhaps now with all the distance and separation happening around the Earth, perhaps right now, is the very best time, the opportune time to connect with your deep self and access the gifts you were most meant to bring into the world, right now.

Mindful Practices and meditation bring us more than contemplative questions and wondering about what might be…meditation can take us to the place of engaging our own deep wondrous Genius within.

Join me weekly for Meditation, Mindful Practices and for those truly serious about accessing the deepest part of you..there are many packages here for just that very thing.

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