Self Help Kit

chbannertwo201x308Are You Ready to Really Begin to Help Yourself Be At The Top Of Your Game?

We all need a little help now and then to become the people we truly want to be, and there are a number of very effective self-help tools available for us to utilize.

These personal development resources will help you access the deeper wisdom within yourself. With a little bit of application you can turn these resources into powerful tools that can help you break free of debilitating habits and thought patterns that may not be useful.

Contact me and receive your FREE Self-Help Kit (a $30 value). Check out this collection of resources. In it, you’ll find tools and information that can help you help yourself no matter what you want to change about your life.

The Self-Help Kit includes:

Chasing Hunger Wellness Path
90 Day Quick Notes

Other great resource material available online:
Mindful for Beginners
Meditation for Beginners
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