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A brief history of research into the effects of malnutrition and bulimia

In 1944 a famous physiologist Ancel Keys conducted a large study that proved every single behaviour we associate with bulimia nervosa can be accounted for by a restrictive diet.

The results showed that “many of the symptoms that might have been thought to be specific to anorexia nervosa and bulimia

are actually the results of starvation (pirke & ploog, 1987).”  Simply put, research has shown that a restrictive diet can lead to every single symptom of bulimia.

How does a restrictive diet induce every symptom of bulimia?

It’s a little-known FACT but for the vast majority of people with bulimia, their eating disorder has nothing to do with their past, upbringing or genetics. They simply went on a restrictive diet which spiralled into the dark world of an eating disorder.

“Getting rid of dieting could wipe out at least 70% of eating disorders. Get rid of dieting!”
Dr Adrienne Key (Royal College of Psychiatrists).

Step 1: You begin a diet

A restrictive diet deprives your body of essential nutrients and this leads to side-effects such as:
Intense binge urges & cravings for foods rich in sugar and fats
An insatiable appetite & food obsession
Psychological problems such anxiety and depression.

Step 2: This leads to bingeing

The urge to binge is much stronger than your willpower to resist. This leads to regular bingeing on food.

Step 3: Which leads to purging

Panic and a fear of gaining weight from the continual bingeing leads you to try purging. This could be self-induced vomiting, laxatives, diet pills or further food restriction.

Step 4: Which leads to bulimia

Purging, restricting and not eating enough food keeps you in a permanent malnourished state. This makes the binge urge stronger. This leads to more bingeing and therefore more purging. You are now trapped in the binge/purge cycle of bulimia nervosa. All of these disorders reverse almost instantly as the body and brain recover from these behaviours. In just a few days normal behaviour is exhibited.
The Bulimia Breakthrough 90 day challenge gives you the insight, skills and tools needed to break free from bulimia and to make peace with food and your body.

86% of Our Members Said Our Program Was Helpful For Their Recovery

The Bulimia Breakthrough Method is divided into segments.

First – the intervention. That’s right, you and I take Bulimia on, and we don’t stop, we don’t give it a “rest” or take a break from tackling all the reasons, the thought bubbles, the beliefs, values and even the areas you have become somewhat “proud of”. Like mastering the ability to vomit several times a day without really noticing it. We’ll turn “strategies” like that one, into masterful tools you can use to help yourself recover fully from this behaviour.

Three full days, 22 hours of self-mastery. The total focus here is to shift bulimia out of your life for the last time.

Second – 90 days follow up coaching, via SKYPE so this does not interfere with your “normal life” and is something only you and I schedule, once a week, with emails and text messages as needed.  This is you and I just “connecting” dealing with the “small stuff” that those old behaviours you believed resolved for you. Waking up from bulimia clients often share is strange. All of a sudden you are “showing up” in relationships, choosing to say clearly “No” and not feeling shamed or bad about it! The bulimia is no longer masking your authentic self, and many people that were used to you “ducking and diving” and being compliant are suddenly surprised with:

  • Behaviour changes, asking for a new trusted relationship
  • Showing up on time, keeping commitments to yourself and others
  • Making good choices, healthy and positive
  • Solid commitments, without excuses for sketchy behaviour
  • Getting things done, timely and on purpose
  • Speaking your truth, from your authority
  • Coming from integrity, trusted and believable
  • No more lies and covering up
  • Understanding and maintaining boundaries – a very solid move towards autonomy
  • And the changes just keep on coming…

Phase 1: Re-balance your body

Bulimia and restrictive eating make you malnourished and this leads to powerful binge urges. You may have been living like this for years and your body has forgotten how to respond normally to food.

In this phase you will:
Start to process and be satisfied with normal portions of food.
Boost your metabolism & restore nutritional requirements.
Massively reduce your binge urges and cravings.

Phase 2: Diffuse thoughts & emotions
If you have had bulimia for a long time you may be relying on it for emotional support. This is a strong desire to eat food, not for hunger but to dull the thought process and numb any emotional pain. In this phase you will:
Process uncomfortable thoughts & emotions without bingeing.
Extinguish the last of your binge urges.
Build your confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Phase 3: Intuitive Training

Here we learn to trust the inner guidance, listening and taking our time to respect the pace and life we were given. We find new ways to resolve our needs for novelty and excitement and this makes everything work so much better. So we don’t fall back on old destructive habits. Over the following three months and longer, as many clients prefer to keep the coaching connecting as it supports the emotional maturing that has often been delayed during the years of using bulimia.

Stop relying on calories, food plans and food rules.
Develop a lifelong healthy relationship with food.
Learn skills to easily maintain a healthy weight for life.

Gain Leadership and Emotional Intelligence skills that help you navigate relationships without feeling like you are somehow lacking the skills everyone else seems to have. Often it’s just having that back up voice there to support your thoughts and allow full disclosure of how you are feeling and what you want to do about those daily life challenges that always seem to show up.

Chasing Hunger – the 90-day bulimia breakthrough challenge (in PDF, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, smartphone, eBook format)

We break recovery down into 3 days,  with a follow-up coaching module. We keep it simple and straight to the point. We provide you with exactly what you need to know without any complex jargon

This program was created by Kathy Welter Nichols, based on her groundbreaking work with bulimia and anorexia, a true pioneer in the field of these disorders.

Private one on one, you and I will resolve this together. I also have programs available for practitioners who want to add this to their professional offerings. I’m always looking for others in my field to help me deliver this truly powerful program. Join me, and help women recover their lives from these disorders, once and for all.

www:waysofthewisewoman.com   welterk@shaw.ca    604-421-1722


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