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After years of working helping people overcome their issues with eating disorders, I was deeply motivated this year, as a client that was about to come to see me, delayed her sessions and then died! Her autopsy revealed almost 0 potassium in her system. She had shared with me through several phone discussions, how she had struggled with bulimia since the age of 14. Her parents and family knew nothing about this until they the call she had passed away. Speaking with her parents and her sister, I was able to share what had happened, and their grief so motivated me to do more than just a book, private sessions and recordings. I really felt heartsick at this tragic loss of life. 

When Voice America approached me, I thought about it, it would take a substantial investment from me. They agreed to help me fund this, and so I decided to go for it. I had to come up with all the cash myself fund this, and I started a Go Fund Me.

The show goes live on December 13, and the first one will be an interview with myself and colleague, Peter Tongue who has programs on Voice America and a celebrated teacher in the Gene Key project. 


Collaboration is everything, and from my perspective, we’ve been on our own far too long. We need the “we and us” in this and I’m reaching out to colleagues in all areas who work with eating disorders to have them on the show and share valuable insights.

I’ll keep you posted as the show develops over our thirteen weeks.

We’ve lots to do! Would love a hand here, and Voice America believes the pilot show will go on to become a full-time show in the future. 

Help Me Fund this Project! 

I have such a passion for informing and helping people, that I’ve funded this show myself, together with some financial assistance from Voice America, as they really believe and support this project too …so  on December 13, “Chasing Hunger” begins it’s thirteen week stint on Voice America with guests and call in opportunities; I’ll be opening up the dialogues about the “secrets and myths” of eating disorders, with a focus on reaching out to people everywhere.

Help me fund this project with your generous donation, increasing the public’s level of understanding about the importance and implications of eating disorders .

No matter what movies you watched, books you read or suggestions from others; CHASING HUNGER is simply no way to lose weight.

Join me on Voice America, Starting December 13, 2016, for thirteen weeks. 

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